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Sander Christiaan van Meggelen


Nieuwegein, Netherlands




Utrecht, Netherlands


Informatiekunde, Master of Business Informatics


Motors, Climbing, Soccer, IT Innovation

About me

I'm a passionate entrepreneur, embracing IT innovation, change and brand new technology. I love to look at projects and ideas from a technical and commercial perspective.
I like to be challenged: working with new entrepreneurial companies or medium to large businesses that decide a change is needed to improve their online marketing performance. I enjoy working at my own founded company: creating, improving and capitalizing websites, making them outperform any close competitor.

As founder I'm thrilled that Websitegroep has achieved the highest conversion rates ever seen at comparative websites.

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My Skills

Programming since the age of 15, working as online marketeer at the age of 18: I am a SEO specialist with a strong technical and commercial background. Understanding both the commercial side as well as the technical side of every online marketing project ensures success.



Webdevelopment (PHP,MySQL & more)

Innovative thinker


Mobile development

curriculum vitae


Master of Business Informatics

Utrecht University

The starting point is that understanding the impact of IT for every organisation requires both a technological and organizational perspective. Therefore, the MBI at Utrecht University is organised as an interdisciplinary initiative, bridging ’the hard and soft sides of IT’. It contains four graduation profiles:
researcher of ICT, business consultant, ICT-consultant and product software entrepreneur.

Information Sciences

Utrecht University

Dutch: Informatiekunde.
De link tussen mens en techniek. Een informatiekundige kijkt naar álle facetten van informatisering: ontwerp, gebruik en invoering van ICT in maatschappij en organisatie. Hoe moet deze informatie op de website? Wie zijn de gebruikers van dit systeem? Wat levert dit systeem op voor ons bedrijf? Informatiekundigen hebben te maken met een mix van psychologie, communicatie, organisatiekunde en informatica.

Work Experience



6 years

2008 - Present

Websitegroep is a comparative website giant, capitalizing over 50 websites. With a total of 6 workers we develop, improve and maintain comparative websites in the domains of mobile telecom, home telecom, energy subscriptions, fashion, insurances and gadgets.
These quality value-adding websites perform subliminal in the search engine rankings while achieving the highest conversion rates known in the field.

Being very active

IE-Ned Internet Diensten

7 Years

2007 - Present

Co-Founder Gleefy Groupbookings • Founder BuddyAccount • Online marketeer at Fletcher Hotel Group • Co-owner EmailStudio • IT Advise VraagAlex • SEO Advise Impress BV • IT Advise Boon-a-Part • Webshop owner Smartwatches • Co-creator Unirooster • Advisor Compareweb • IT Advise F. Pickles • SaaS Bugtracker solution Diretto • Founder Instantweb • SaaS solution Valvoline • SEO Advise OV-Chipkaart kopen / OV-Chipkaart abonnementen • Zune International importer
Research abroad: outsourcing in India (book co-author) • Participated in hosting companies 2host4, Basiqhost • IT Advise Posters International (Canada) • Security Advise AD (Algemeen Dagblad) • Security research Geenstijl • Security notice Dumpert • Security research regarding top 100 Dutch Websites (Capita Selecta, Utrecht University).
And probably more...

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